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The Premium Rubber Wheel Stop is made in Europe from high-density, long lasting, pure rubber that is UV protected which will outlast all other alternatives on the market. It is 100% compliant with the Australian Standard 2890.1-2004
Humpex Heavy Duty Solid Rubber Speed Hump is made from a durable rubber/PVC combination with overall width of 380mm. Suitable for all general applications where durability and low noise are required.
Area Safe's Base Plate Steel Bollards are essential for separating pedestrians from vehicles and for protecting property.

Car Park Protection Overview

Area Safe specialises in car park essentials and property protection, providing a range of wheel stops, speed humps, bollards, road repair kits, height bars, safety mirrors, car park signs, guardrails and safety barriers and various other facility protection products. The quality of the products Area Safe provides ensures our customers know they are investing in a product that will last them for an extended period of time and won’t disappoint them. Various products in this range, for example height bars, are even manufactured by our own staff on our premises, eliminating risks of defects and increasing quality of goods.

Our car park protection range is available for delivery Australia wide. We stock large quantities for our customers convenience, eliminating long lead times and honoring our commitment to quality customer service with quick dispatch.

The wide range of car park essentials and property protection that Area Safe provides is suitable for use in shopping centers, schools, industrial facilities, transport hubs, building and construction sites and various other facilities that require protection for both people and property. We recognize that the safety of your workers, customers, and every individual that enters your facility, as well as the protection of your property and facilities, is paramount. That’s why we seek to continually provide our customers with superior quality products, along with trusted advice and reliable customer service, to enable them to effectively protect and maintain people and property.

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