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I’ve heard others say that Rubber Wheel Stops can crumble – Is this true?

Like anything, there are many variables to this situation, and therefore it is hard to give a direct yes or no answer.

By nature, some types of rubber are prone to crumbling over time, especially in applications with constant use and impact, such as a wheel stop. But, whilst rubber can crumble, there are certain measures you can take to increase the life span of a rubber wheel stop. 

Firstly, you must ensure that the wheel stop is fit for purpose! The purpose of a wheel stop is to let the driver know where the car spot ends, and to ensure their vehicle nose does not hit the perpendicular wall or overhang into an adjoining car spot. They should not be driven over or used for any other application other than to stop the wheels of a car.

The other thing you need to do is analyse what vehicles will be using the area and then choose an appropriate wheel stop to suit. For example, our Premium Rubber Wheel Stops are intended for car use. These are ideal for shopping centre car parks, curb side parking, school parking lots, airport parking complexes, or any other facility which standard cars will be using. However, sometimes rubber isn’t the best option! If you are looking to install a wheel stop in a loading dock, truck depot, distribution centre, or any other facility that will be used by trucks, you’re best to opt for something from our Concrete Wheel Stop range, especially our larger Truck Wheel Stops that will be able to withstand contact with trucks. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the rubber. Virgin rubber as used in our Premium Rubber Wheel Stops, has a smooth, flexible structure with higher quality and therefore is less likely to crumble, compared to recycled rubber, which has a granular structure and is more likely to crumble upon constant impact.

So yes, by nature, rubber does break down. However, by ensuring you invest in a quality product and use the product correctly, you can definitely increase the life span and effectiveness by up to 5 times of a rubber wheel stop! 

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