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Largest Car Park in the World

Where do you expect to find the world’s largest car park ? Maybe in one of the world’s biggest cities? According to http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/largest-car-park/ the world’s largest car park is situated at West Edmonton Mall, Alberta Canada, a city of only about 930,000 (1.3 million greater metro)! The size of the WEM is equivalent to 48 city blocks, (492,386m2), or 28 MCG ovals.

This amazing facility was also the world’s largest shopping and entertainment centre from 1981 until as recently as 2004 and can hold 20,000 vehicles with overflow parking for another 10,000. The next 9 runners-up are all in North America with the nearest contender being ‘only’ 13,000 car spaces.

You can find out more facts on the mall itself on the following website: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMGCK1_Worlds_Largest_Car_Park_West_Edmonton_Mall_Edmonton_Alberta

Imagine the importance of keeping that car park safe! Is your car park as safe as it should be? For safe vehicle and pedestrian movement, Area Safe Products recommend well-positioned car park safety fixtures such as Wheel Stops, Speed Humps, Steel Bollards Sydney, Parking Bollards, Road Signs, Reflective Chain Cover Sleeves, Removable Bollards, Collapsible Bollards, Expansion Joint Covers, Impact Recovery Bollards, Height Bars, Safety Mirrors and Line Marking Stencils.

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