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Outdoor Table Settings to fill your Outdoor Spaces

It’s becoming more and more evident that individuals don’t spend enough time in the outdoors. However, by placing adequate seating facilities to cater for the people gathering in your area, you can encourage more time to be spent outdoors. Having these table settings placed strategically around your facility will invite people to enjoy being in the outdoors and be a convenient place for them to gather in an outdoor space.

Area Safes outdoor table settings offer our clients a wide range of options. From the modern looking Spencer round and the traditional Macquarie Picnic Setting, to the simple A-Frame Timber Picnic Table, we have something to suit your space. Within these ranges Area Safe then offers more options with different lengths and widths, different type wood slats and the opportunity to custom color. Many of these settings have a center hole for our Café/Market Umbrellas, so make sure you check out our Cafe/Market Umbrellas as well!

Perfect for use in so many facilities, including parks, schools, shopping centers, clubs, and many other function centers/hubs.

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