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5 Ideas That Will Help Improve Operations In Your Car Park

Running a car park is a job that presents a number of challenges. Many operators must quickly come up with solutions for problems that arise to ensure all goes well and the car park runs smoothly. The lack of effective management and control can result in employees, visitors, customers, and the business’ operations being overwhelmed.

However, car park operators can ensure everything works seamlessly if they take an efficient approach that also eases the burden on their shoulders. We have made a quick guide that offers the tips and tricks you need to know so your car park operators manage the day-to-day operations more efficiently.

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#1 - Consider The Car Park Layout

When considering improving your car park, it may be wise to start with revaluating the car park’s layout. Think about the people that use the car park, when they need to, the space most prefer, and why.

Michael Yousef of All Image Architects echoes that sentiment, as he believes the layout is critical when designing the perfect car park. “When planning a car park space, you need to take into account a lot of things - where will the elevator or exits into a store be located, the entry points and exit points of the car park, the flow of traffic. The planning of the layout is perhaps the most important stage of all.”

Once you factor all of that in, you can review the layout to determine which sections are most useful, which aren’t so useful, and the ones that could benefit the most from some improvements to ensure the entire car park is streamlined.

#2 - Review Your Parking Policy

It is vital to have a parking policy that all the employees and customers must adhere to because it will help in the management of day-to-day operations. The policy should be extensive, addressing most, if not all, possible situations.

#3 - Safety First

A car park with an optimised layout is a good place for people to leave their vehicles. Minimising the chances of congestion can help lower the risk of accidents and injuries. Consider separating car parking bays for your employees, visitors, customers, and also have designated areas for deliveries and goods trucks.

When conducting maintenance in the parking area, it must be done with pedestrian safety in mind. Conduct regular risk assessments to help narrow down the sections that need improvements.

Everyone who parks their vehicles within your car park must be assured that their vehicle will be safe and sound while they’re not in it. Setting up various security measures like CCTV cameras and manned kiosks are two ways that you can immediately improve the safety of the car park.

#4 - Limit Congestion

If your car park is located in a busy area, accessing the car park could prove difficult for a lot of people. It’s critical that you determine which points of entry will be the best for all involved and produce the least amount of congestion.

EddieBennett, who runs a driveway repair business, stresses that build-ups in car parks can only cause frustration and unnecessary stress. “We’ve all been there - when a car park is backed up, it’s infuriating. That’s exactly why you need to have clear paths for all cars to go through and a layout that’s very car-friendly.”

Should the car park get too busy, one idea that could be useful is to have a drop-off and pick-up section for employees or visitors. Obviously this would need to be at a different section of the car park, otherwise it will get backed up very quickly.

#5 - Paperless Permit System

One benefit that’s completely unrelated to car parks is that a paperless system helps save the planet, so no-one can complain about that!

In all seriousness, a paperless system means that car park employees have less paperwork to handle, and an overall smoother experience for them and the people that park within your space.

The financial experts at Concept BK agree that in a car park system, paperless permits are a much easier way to go about payments. “Collecting large documents for parking payments creates added hassles, and it’s worryingly easy to lose records. Going with a paperless system means the data is stored electronically and easier to access, while also making it simpler for customers to pay.”

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Car park safety is paramount, for drivers and pedestrians. Ensure that your car park has adequate safety equipment with Area Safe’s range of equipment. You can check it out right here.

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