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The best speed humps for trucks in the Area Safe range are either the Heavy Vehicle Rubber Speed Humps (50mm or 75mm high), or the Heavy-Duty Steel Speed Humps (5mm plate). These options are both extremely durable and heavy duty to withstand the weight of large trucks and buses continually passing over the speed bump.

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Humpex Heavy Duty Solid Rubber Speed Hump is made from a durable rubber/PVC combination with overall width of 380mm.
Humpex Heavy Vehicle Recycled Rubber Speed Humps are a high quality heavy duty speed calming system available in 50 and 75(H)mm modules.
Humpex Rubber Traffic Calmer is designed to calm traffic to safer speeds without over emphasising the 'bump'.
The purpose of installing speed humps on roads, driveways and in car parks is to physically force vehicles to slow down to a safe speed.
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