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Cigarette Butts are the single most reported litter item across Australia, representing 20% of all recorded items. Placing cigarette bins around your facility is a great way to encourage the safe disposal of cigarette butts and to discourage the release of them into your surroundings. This way you can reduce the impact of littering on the environment and know you are making every effort to safely dispose of these items. Having a clean facility free of cigarette butts will contribute to the professionality of your facility and increase hygiene.

Area Safe offers so many different types of cigarette bins so you are able to purchase a product that is sure to suit the needs of your facility. Options include wall mounted bins, (in different shapes including curved, cylindrical and rectangular), floor standing and pole mounted bins, relocatable cigarette disposal units, and rectangular cigarette ash open top bins. These are ideal for use in pubs, clubs, airports, street locations, and other facilities where smoking is permitted in designated areas.

Different mechanisms are used in each bin that allow for easy opening and easy cleaning for maximum hygiene. Most are designed to eliminate any flow of oxygen so the cigarette butts will extinguish for minimal risk. These bins can be accompanied with signs such as “smoking permitted in this area only”, “designated smoking area” or other more personalized messages that will specifically meet your needs. Make sure you check out our signage range as well so you are able to effectively get your message across and reduce cigarette butt litter!

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