Concrete Bollards are an Anti-Terror Masterpiece!

Is safety always important in your organisation? Are you providing adequate protection of pedestrians and property? Area Safe Products Pty Ltd is manufacturing a range of Architectural Concrete Bollards including cube, log, frustum and ball shapes for protection of people.

The range of standard geometric shapes are ideal for use as anti-terror devices and anti-ram-raid bollards. They are also attractive as street furniture items or to simply demarcate between areas. The heavy concrete combined with the steel ground anchor helps stop out-of-control vehicles for the protection of pedestrians. Concrete bollards can be placed free-standing, securely fixed or installed as a removable bollard. Available Australia-wide with cast-in M12 threaded inserts or 'swift-lift' type lifting points to suit lifting equipment, precast concrete bollards are made to order with an off-form finish in standard or custom shapes - lead time applies.

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