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Indoor Convex Mirrors assist with seeing around bling corners in undercover car parks, multi-deck ramps, underground driveways and warehouses. They are a general purpose light industrial convex mirror for warning of approaching vehicles or pedestrians to help avoid collision for all indoor applications.
Outdoor Convex Mirrors assist with seeing around blind corners in car parks, multi-deck ramps, driveways, busy exit gates across footpaths, public roads and warehouses. They are effective for early warning of approaching vehicles or pedestrians to help avoid collision.
Safety Dome Mirrors assist with seeing around blind corners and for early warning of approaching objects to help avoid collision. The difference between dome mirrors and convex mirrors is that the dome mirrors smaller radius creates a smaller reflected image.

What are Convex Mirrors?

Convex mirrors are a curved mirror that helps to provide visibility for blind corners, particularly for protecting pedestrians or vehicles from oncoming vehicles. Convex Mirrors show a large image for a long time as the object moves closer or further away, due to the slight curvature. This makes them very good for vehicle areas, crossings and corners such as in car parks, car yards, shopping centres, hospitals, corridors and blind roadway corners.

What size mirror do I need? Refer to the Easy Mirror Size Selection Guide below to help you work out what size mirror you need for your project. Don’t forget to add the 2 distances together. HANDY TIP: When deciding on the diameter of the mirror, also take account of how far the mirror will protrude into the path of traffic according to the angle at which it needs to be mounted.

What are Dome Mirrors?

Dome mirrors are a circular 360deg, 180deg or 90deg mirror face that are used indoors to provide visibility in blind corners or corridors. Commonly used in shopping centres, hospitals, laboratories or aged care facilities/nursing homes. They can be attached to or hung from a ceiling. The 360deg unit would be used at a 4-way intersection. The 180deg dome mirror is used in the ceiling-wall corner at a corridor T-intersection. The 90deg dome mirror is commonly used in the corner of 2 walls and the ceiling where a corridor or hallway takes a 90deg turn.

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