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Premium Floor Cable Covers for Urban Spaces

Navigating urban environments safely is crucial, and that's where Area Safe's floor cable covers make a significant difference. Our range, designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, includes durable cable tidies and protectors that blend seamlessly into any urban landscape. Ideal for managing cables and hoses, they reduce trip hazards and protect vital connections. Discover the perfect solution for your space with our selection of high-quality cable management products. Explore our collection here and enhance urban safety effortlessly.

Upgrade Your Urban Development Projects with High-Quality Cable Management Solutions

Elevate your urban development projects with Area Safe’s advanced cable management solutions, where superior functionality meets aesthetic excellence. Our range of floor cable covers, cable tidies, and protectors are expertly designed not just to enhance safety but also to contribute to a polished and professional appearance. By integrating our cable management products, you can effectively prevent trip hazards while maintaining the visual aesthetics of your space.

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Rubber Channel Hose Ramp Modules are manufactured from tough recycled rubber and can conform to uneven surfaces.
Cable & Hose Drop Over Hump is designed as a heavy duty speed hump module with cable/hose access which is suitable for pedestrian traffic and irregular light vehicle traffic.
Flip Top Cable Covers are available in two sizes; large 3 cable channel modules and small 2 cable channel modules..

Why Choose Our Floor Cable Covers?

At Area Safe, our floor cable covers stand out for their exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality. Crafted from durable recycled rubber, our covers adapt to uneven terrains and ensure optimal cable management for both temporary and permanent setups. They're built to shield cables from heavy traffic, boasting significant weight capacities. With high-visibility reflective stripes, they enhance safety by standing out in any environment. Their non-skid, interlocking design caters to various cable sizes, ensuring stability and a polished appearance.  Explore our collection and elevate the safety and aesthetics of your space. Browse our range now.

Types of Floor Cable Covers

Area Safe offers a diverse range of floor cable covers, each designed to enhance urban projects through customization and functionality. 

Our Rubber Channel Hose Ramp Modules, crafted from tough recycled rubber, effortlessly adapt to uneven surfaces, making them ideal for both temporary and permanent setups. With a substantial 20-tonne weight capacity and hi-vis reflective stripes, these ramps ensure durability and visibility in any environment.

Our Flip Top Cable Cover is another standout, perfect for managing electrical cables and hoses while easily accommodating light vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Its interlocking, non-skid design with a flip top is available in two sizes, offering versatility for different needs.

For areas with predominantly pedestrian traffic, our Single Channel Drop Over Cable Guard is a superb choice. These flexible covers, available in yellow or black, can be linked to create a continuous protective strip, ensuring seamless integration into urban landscapes.

Lastly, our Cable/Hose Drop Over Hump models cater to heavy-duty requirements. These speed hump modules provide cable and hose access, suitable for permanent or temporary applications, and come in two sizes to meet varying project needs.

Each of these options exemplifies our commitment to customisation, allowing for tailored solutions that not only enhance safety but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of urban development projects. Explore our range to find the perfect cable cover solution for your specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Area Safe's cable covers are designed with a focus on user convenience, safety, and environmental responsibility. One of the standout features is their ease of installation; these cable covers are engineered for quick and hassle-free setup, saving time and reducing labour costs. Safety compliance is another critical aspect, as our products meet stringent standards to ensure they effectively minimise trip hazards and protect cables and hoses in high-traffic areas. By choosing Area Safe's cable covers, you benefit from a practical, safe, and environmentally conscious solution for cable management in any urban or commercial setting.

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