Cable Covers

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Rubber Channel Hose Ramp Modules are manufactured from tough recycled rubber and can conform to uneven surfaces.
Cable & Hose Drop Over Hump is designed as a heavy duty speed hump module with cable/hose access which is suitable for pedestrian traffic and irregular light vehicle traffic.
Flip Top Cable Covers are available in two sizes; large 3 cable channel modules and small 2 cable channel modules..

What is Cable Cover?

Cable Cover is rubber channel that is designed to cover electrical leads or pipes in view of driving or walking over them, preventing trip hazards or electrical hazards.

Area Safe Products has a wide range of cable protectors for applications. Heavy Duty rubber designs for external, outdoor usage are very popular on construction sites and factory floors where they can be driven over by light construction vehicles. Some of our external designs are also suitable for hoses such as air hose and lay flat hose. The internal versions are a less obtrusive floor cable cover that is suitable on carpet and tiles and stops cords from becoming a potential trip hazard.

Area Safe can also customise rubber cable protectors to suit your requirements. If you have a particularly large group of cables that need to be kept ‘cable tidy’ or certain size pipes that need protecting, we can customise a rubber cable cover to suit.

It is most important in the workplace to protect pedestrians from potential trip hazards or vehicles from potential accidents. Cables and hoses are a common risk in the workplace and Area Safe Products range of Cable Covers will ensure you are covered!

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