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What is Line Marking?

The purpose of line marking is to guide those who are working in and around your facility to know what they can and cannot go within your facility and to clearly communicate to them how best to stay safe. Area Safe provides aerosol line marking paint and road/line marking paint in bulk, as well as a line marking machine that enables markings to be done in a fast and accurate manner. The aerosol paint cans we provide are especially designed so they are compatible for use in the machine, ensuring the job you are needing to be done can be completed quickly and with minimal fuss.

Line marking can be used for conveying many different messages to those within your facility. Apart from marking out car parking spaces, it can be used to reserve spaces for motorbikes so others cannot park there, mark arrows to direct flow of traffic, as well as solid or dotted lines to mark give ways, stop lines and mark off areas which should not be entered. This line marking paint and machine can be used on bitumen, concrete, grass and much more. This means it is suitable for marking within shopping centers, industrial facilities, transport hubs, parks, education facilities, construction sites, and any other place that needs a safety message clearly delivered to users.

Whilst it may not be reasonable to complete large scale jobs with these line marking machines and aerosol line marking paint cans, this equipment is ideal for when you may need to quickly mark off areas that have arisen as a safety concern, add finishing touches to carparks, or to renew fading lines and other markings.

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