Parking Bollards

What are Parking Bollards?

A carpark is one of the most common areas you will find bollards. As carparks are always a mix of vehicles, pedestrians and building fixtures, there is many areas that need bollard protection. Parking Bollards in a carpark are commonly used for: disabled shared zones, protection from pedestrian footpaths and vehicle driveways, loading docks, kerb entries, stairs or ramps, protect columns, protect doors and walls, especially glass shop front walls, around fire hydrants, around trolley bays and much, much more.

It is important that you choose the right parking bollard for the job. Here are some points to consider:

  • Disabled shared zones – by Australian (DDA) Standards, a shared zone bollard must be 1300mm high.
  • If protecting a tight space between a high value (e.g. glass wall) or high risk (e.g. fire hydrant), considering using an inground bollard rather than base plate bollard for extra protection
  • Colour – consider powdercoated yellow parking bollards over against gal or stainless steel in areas that need to stand out more – visual safety warning goes a long way to preventing accidents
  • Size (diameter) of the bollard – ensure you have chosen a bollard that is large enough to provide adequate safety measures but also not too big that it looks out of place.

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