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How To Install Removable Bollards?

Do you know how to install removable bollards? The general procedure for installation of 90mm in-ground removable bollards is as follows:

  1. Into existing concrete slab: Core drill 150mm diameter and 250mm deep (otherwise core drill approx. 120mm diameter and notch out for the hinge). Larger holes are required for larger sizes of steel bollards.
  2. Into soft ground: Provide footing 400x400x400mm.
  3. Tape the bottom of the sleeve to prevent flow grout or concrete entering from underneath.
  4. Consider which direction to face the padlock / keyhole handle facing and ensure the hinge is on that side. Test it before concreting.
  5. Position the ground sleeve accurately so that the top of the cover plate is flush with the surrounding surface and support it while non-shrink flow grout or concrete is added to the hole around the bollard. Finish grout / concrete neatly and level with top of sleeve and surrounding surface as required.
  6. Open and close the hinged cover while concrete / grout is soft to make sure it will continue to operate freely.

This advice may not apply to every situation and is based on practical trade experience. The information provided is not to be considered as binding or legal advice.

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