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Area Safe Products specialises in supplying the right truck wheel stops for specific truck parking situations. The installation of these wheel stops helps prevent encroachment across driveways or designated walkways, or to prevent bumping into fences, walls or high-cost critical infrastructure. Included in the broad range of Area Safe wheel stops are Rubber Truck Wheel Stops and Concrete Wheel Stoppers. So what wheel stop is best?

Wheel stops for heavy vehicles need to cater for the specific dimensional requirements of semi-trailers and B-doubles, heavy or medium rigid trucks, buses and coaches, mini-buses and small trucks, plus non-road heavy vehicles such as large capacity forklifts, container reach stackers and scores of different types of earth moving equipment.

Area Safe wheel stops for truck depots, distribution centres and intermodal terminals start with the hefty 230kg 2.5 metre product, stepping down to the 2m long, then the set of two 1m long units which helps to accurately match the vehicle width. Last of the truck wheel stops is the 550mm long rubber truck wheel stop.

Rubber truck wheel stops are only a visual marker and are not suitable for trucks to bump up against on a day to day basis. Rubber wheel stops for trucks should only be used in temporary situations. Concrete wheel stops are very heavy and specially designed to withstand the force of heavy vehicles bumping against them.

The key to choosing the right concrete wheel stop is to get down and measure the height from the ground to the undercarriage or mud flaps and to measure the overall width of the vehicle or wheelbase. Then you can select the right size wheel stop.

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