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Bin signs are a necessity for bins around your facility! They not only help the people that work in and around your facility to better be able to sort their rubbish but also mean that you as the company will be able to save money by having your rubbish sorted for you! These signs add a neat and professional finish to your facility, whether you be a club or function center, educational facility, transport hub, a park, shopping center facility etc. Each polypropylene sign is made of quality material, being UV stable, 2mm thick, flexible and weather resilient so can definitely be used outdoors. Area Safe has a large range of general signs, including ‘rubbish’, ‘glass only’, ‘paper & cardboard’, ‘organics’, ‘10c bottles & cans’ and many more. These can come in many sizes depending on your preference! Even though our general range is large and will suit most needs, we also offer custom making of signs to even better suit our customers needs.

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