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Introducing the Recessed Rail Pedestrian Gates. These gates like our previously introduced Recessed Rails emphasise strength and durability, perfect for high traffic areas both indoors and outdoors.
Area Safe's Recessed Rail has been designed to ensure safety and strength are offered in a warehouse industrial safety barrier. The design of the recessed rail beens the rail has been recessed into the post of the barrier.
The Area Safe modular hand rail system is simple and fast to help create walkways and exclusion zones. Helps prevent workers from walking into dangerous traffic areas on site. The modular no-weld design can accommodate almost any configuration.
Double Rail U Bollards create a sturdy barrier that are perfect for protecting property fixtures or buildings and for pedestrian control, especially in high risk and high traffic areas.
The Heavy Duty Industrial Swing Gate is manually operated by simply pushing it open or closed. The beam is manufactured from heavy duty aluminium and the support bars and hinge assembly is high quality galvanised steel.
Have you ever wondered what safety barrier would be most suitable for your warehouse or industrial complex? Sometimes too much choice means the decision is difficult to make!
This boom gate is manually operated by simply raising or lowering the beam by hand. The beam is manufactured from heavy duty aluminium which makes it light weight and is supported by a heavy-duty gas strut.
Galvanisation is the process of applying a protective coating to steel or iron. This coating protects the metal from corrosion. Mild steel on the other hand is a low-priced material, which although is suitable for most applications, undergoes rusting very easily because it does not have a protective coating.

An Overview Of Industrial Safety

The manufacturing industry plays an important role in the Australian economy, being Australia’s seventh largest industry for employment in 2019. The transport, postal, and warehousing industry employs approximately 642,600 individuals, accounting for 4.9% of the total workforce. With such high volumes of personnel seen in warehouse and industrial facilities daily, the safety of this segment is fundamental.

The industrial warehouse safety product market holds a range of warehouse safety items, all with their own benefits and best practices when applied and installed correctly within the workplace. Area Safe has recently introduced a new range of industrial safety products that have been designed and manufactured specifically for warehouse/industrial facilities. One of the newly introduced products is the Area Safe ‘Recessed Rail’. The major differentiating factor of this rail that makes it superior to others on the market is that is has been designed to recess into the post of the barrier. This strengthens the railing, making it more rigid, where other alternatives have just been bolted to the front of the post

Along with all of Area Safe’s Industrial products, there has been a thorough design process that has been comprehensively considered and extensive research has been conducted to ensure the highest level of safety and protection can be achieved in a range of warehouse/industrial environments. The result of being hit my moving objects in an industrial environment saw 35 fatalities in 2017, with 11% being from machines, predominantly forklifts. This is why it is crucial to ensure that all the appropriate safety measures and precautions are taken to provide a safe environment for workers in the industrial/warehousing industry.

Another key industrial safety product that should be installed in the appropriate locations of all warehouse/industrial facilities includes the range of Area Safe Industrial Gates. It is important to create safe work environments which means assessing the workplace and being able to clearly identify areas where there is potential for hazardous situations to arise. Industrial gates include swing gates and boom gates which are typically used where mezzanines, loading docks, and mezzanine pallet receiving bays are present. In order for potential hazards to be controlled, the correct boom gates must be installed to provide the correct level of protection and safety. If a high quality barrier/gate isn’t used, it can contribute to serious safety incidents/injury.

Hazard identification is crucial to ensure injury and fatality numbers are significantly reduced, and that all workplaces provide a safe workplace environment. Area Safe offers the highest quality industrial safety products to protect at all safety levels, in a wide variety of warehouse facility situations. It is important to be educated on the appropriate safety instructions and product specifications to ensure the correct safety products are chosen and correctly installed.

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