Concrete Wheel Stops

What are Concrete Wheel Stops?

Concrete wheel stops are a precast concrete block constructed to act as a wheel bump stop. Area Safe supply 4 different types of precast concrete wheel stops for varying purposes.

The Australian Standard AS2890-1.2004 for a wheel stop states that it must be 1650mm wide. Area Safe has one concrete wheel stop that complies to this Australian Standard – see here for the compliant wheel stop.

Many architects specify 2m concrete wheel stops for public carparks, but builders, clients and contractors need to be aware that this is non-compliant wheel stop and need to discuss with the architect about changing the specification to 1650mm wheel stops. If the architect is aware of the Australian Standard they will generally approve the change immediately.

The other 3 types of concrete wheel stop’s that Area Safe supply are non-compliant but are specific industrial purposes. These include:

  1. 2m Concrete Wheel Stop – commonly used for small trucks, ambulance stations, bus depots.
  2. 2.5m Concrete Wheel Stop – used only for heavy truck depots i.e. semi-trailer trucks, construction vehicles. Note that the overall height of the wheel stop is too high for small trucks, buses or ambulances.
  3. 1m Concrete Wheel Stop – designed for 1 wheel stop per wheel. Require 2 wheel stops per vehicle. Commonly used for truck depots.

How to install Concrete Wheel Stops

Recommended Installation for wheel stops onto concrete or Bitumen

  1. Clean area – ensure that it is completely free of dust and pebbles
  2. Position with template or the wheel stop itself
  3. Drill holes for dowels
    • If on to concrete, drill 70mm deep hole so dowel remains 80mm above ground
    • If on to bitumen, drill through bitumen layer and hammer remaining so there is 80mm remaining above ground
  4. Remove template and do a final sweep/clean of the area again
  5. Epoxy Dowels in place
  6. Epoxy base of wheel stop and lower over dowels
  7. Grout around dowels using non-shrink grout

*Please note - It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the application and that it is installed in a safe manner based on customer's risk analysis.

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