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What is a Parking Bollard?

Have you got your head around parking bollards?

Fixed Parking Bollards

A DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) accessible Parking Bollard is to be provided in the shared area adjacent to disabled parking zones (AS2890.6, Clause 2.2.1(e)) at a height of 1300mm high (AS2890.1:2004, Clause to prevent obstruction and unauthorised parking in the shared zone. Read more HERE

Other Parking Bollards are designed to segregate vehicles from pedestrians and guard sidewalks or building entrances and fire exits. Parking bollards are also installed to protect high-cost parking infrastructure such as ticket machines, security offices, toll booths, ATM’s, fire hydrants, electrical transformers, air conditioners, switch boards, sign structures or other property from damage by moving vehicles.

Fire exit doors must be protected from obstruction according to the BCA (Building Code of Australia). The simplest and most effective fixture to prevent obstruction by vehicles is a Safety Parking Bollard which allows for unrestricted people flow out of the fire exit and also prevents vehicles from blocking the exit.

Fold-Down Parking Bollards

A car space protector or parking space protector is a unique bollard designed to control access and protect a designated parking bay from unsolicited car parking. Parking Space Protectors (collapsible bollards) are in stock for fast dispatch in various styles to control vehicle access and keep your parking spot secure and available specially for you at all times. A full range of parking space bollards are supplied in various shapes and styles and include locking methods such as padlock, key operated or remote controlled to secure the access to your parking spot at all times.

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