How to successfully choose the right car park signs for your car park

Choosing the right car park signs for your car park can often be challenging! With many road safety standards and varying opinions on what should or should not be used, a facility manager can often be confused on what is the right decision to make.

The Australian standards for road signs cover 3 areas:

  • Design – font, font size, colours, borders etc
  • Size – ‘A’, ‘B’, etc sizing matrix suitable for public roads
  • Reflective – only approved and certified reflective to be used (Area Safe uses the certified Avery reflective)

One of the common issues that facility managers or maintenance managers have is the size component of Australian Standard road signs. Mostly road signs are too large for carparks, particularly basement or multi-level carparks and therefore create safety issues like low head room hazards or protruding signs that vehicles may hit.

Area Safe Products stock the Australian Standard size road signs but through consultation with our account managers we have helped out many carpark managers with customising the size of your car park signs so they fit properly on concrete or steel columns without creating safety hazards. We also have a range of non-reflective carpark signs that are better sizes for posts, pillars and columns commonly found in carparks.

We have found it very common to see oversize signs on small posts that are low enough for a pedestrian to hit their head on the protruding signs. We also have clients that are working through insurance claims on damaged vehicles. Feel free to email the details of your carpark to and arrange a visit by one of our consultants. Potential safety incidents and insurance claims can be quickly averted by simply having the right size signage!

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