Stainless Steel Bollards

What are stainless steel bollards?

Stainless Steel Bollards are a post that is made from stainless steel, generally used for protecting assets but chosen for either its pleasant aesthetic appeal, its corrosive resistance, or both.

Stainless steel bollards are often used at the entrance to train stations, airports, shopping centres, hotels, schools, universities, cafes, stadiums or the entrance areas to any other public facility.

Area Safe Products supplies a comprehensive range of stainless steel bollards including standard flat top, base plate or inground styles, removable, key lockable styles and sleek looking mitred top styles. We also do a small internal mounted base plate style which is ideal for shopping centres, protecting sliding doors, check outs and shelving from trolleys.

It is important to select the correct grade of stainless steel on stainless steel bollards. If you are choosing stainless steel bollards for the corrosion resistance, you should ensure your bollard is 316 grade stainless. Often 304 grade (or less) is not adequate enough protection, especially when installed near salt water. Ensure you ask for Area Safe’s 316 grade stainless steel bollards (all our range is 316 grade).

Find out why you should choose 316 Stainless Steel Bollards.

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