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Planters- An Easy way to add Greenery to your Facility!

Spruce up your space and add greenery to your facility in STYLE! AS Urbans range of planters make managing your plants and greenery easy! You can either use these to hold fake, no maintenance greenery, or real plants. Whilst real plants do require a little more maintenance, housing them in these planters means that watering is easier, and you will be better able to contain dirt and maintain a clean space.

Area Safe offers a wide range of planters. Each of these designs is unique yet still able to subtly blend into any style environment. Suitable for use in any indoor or outdoor facility, they are commonly used in function centers, aged care facilities, shopping centers, streetscapes and other hubs of activity.

Some of these planters have matching bins and/or matching seats so you are able to deck out your facility with both style and functionality!

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