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Reflective Kerb Ramp

6 Anti Slip Grooves & Reflectors 5 Premium Recycled Rubber - Long Lasting 2 Reflective Triangles for Safety & Visibility 1 3 heights for most kerb sizes 3 3 cable or stormwater channels 4 Heavy Vehicle Compatible

3 heights for most kerb sizes
Only one available size
Reflective Triangles for Safety & Visibility
No safety visuals
3 cable or stormwater channels
No cable channels
Heavy Vehicle Compatible
Not compatible to heavy vehicles
Premium Recycled Rubber - Long Lasting
Low quality rubber
Anti Slip Grooves & Reflectors
Smooth slippery surface

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The Rubber Vehicle Kerb Ramps are an extra heavy duty rubber construction and are ideal for vehicles including heavy trucks or construction vehicles.
The Pedestrian Kerb Ramp is designed to provide a safe means for pedestrian wheelchair and pram users to traverse a stair or kerbside and are excellent for trolleys also.
Rubber Channel Hose Ramp Modules are manufactured from tough recycled rubber and can conform to uneven surfaces. For temporary or permanent, these hose ramps protect your hoses or conduits from vehicles crushing them.

What is a kerb ramp?

Kerb ramps or curb ramps are a plastic or rubber ramp that is designed to provide easy access over or up a kerb for wheel chairs, pedestrians or vehicles. Kerb ramps are very common in temporary situations such as events where pedestrian movement has changed or in construction where construction vehicles need to drive over or up kerbs to access the site.

Pedestrian kerb ramps are made from recycled HDPE plastic. Area Safe’s various sizes and unique designs mean our pedestrian curb ramps provide the perfect access for pedestrians or wheel chairs. Our narrow version is also a great tool for inner city CBD delivery drivers that may need a ramp to push their hand trolleys over kerbs and gutters.

Area Safe has 2 types of rubber kerb ramps designed for light vehicles. The reflective kerb ramp is a common option for construction sites. It is very heavy-duty construction and is therefore often used for heavy construction vehicles. These are a great option for builders or civil & earthmoving contractors looking to protect existing gutters and kerbs and still provide proper access to their sites.

The rolled edge kerb ramp is great for residential driveways, particularly in new estates where the common form of kerbs is the rolled style. These style kerbs often cause issues with low profile cars, damaging or ripping off their bumpers. Area Safe’s modular rolled edge kerb ramp will solve this issue!

Area Safe also has the ability to custom make any rubber ramp to your requirements – for both pedestrian or vehicle access. Simply provide the dimensions – preferably in a drawing – and email to [email protected] and we can quote you on your own unique and customised design to suit your requirements.

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