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Why Area Safe’s Bollards Provide Better Protection than all Other Alternatives

With over 18 years of experience in supplying carpark and industrial safety products to building, construction, and facility management industries, Area Safe has extensive knowledge on what makes a premium bollard and a thorough understanding of relevant standards and compliance requirements. Bollards are used to physically block vehicle invasion and to protect pedestrians and high-cost property from damage caused by vehicles or warehouse machinery such as forklifts. In order to serve their central purpose, it is important that the bollard has been constructed using high quality materials, creating a strong safety product. Through these years of experience, Area Safe has been able to stock a range of premium bollards that provide better protection than other alternate options within the market, and here is why.

  • Area Safe’s parking bollards are a fully hot dipped galvanised unit which means they will not rust over time. This makes the bollards suitable for all conditions and will be able to withstand all the elements. Alternate bollards that are available have not been fully galvanised, meaning they aren’t rust proof. This restricts the locations where the bollard will be suitable for use, as they will rust in coastal locations over a short period of time due to the salty and wet environment.
  • The wall thickness of any bollard is an important point to take note of when weighing up the options. A bollard may be more appealing for its cheaper price tag, but have you really drilled into the finer details of the bollards structure? The strength of Area Safe’s bollards is seen through the 5mm heavy wall thickness. Alternate bollards have a lightweight 3mm wall thickness making them a very weak option and, in most cases, they won’t provide adequate protection. In a warehouse/industrial setting a stronger bollard will be required to deter and protect pedestrians, forklifts and the warehouse structure.
  • Another strength (or weakness) point in a bollard is the base plate. It is important that the base plate is a minimum 50% larger than the diameter of the bollard. The wider the base plate of the bollard, the stronger the protection it can offer if the bollard is struck or hit. Some alternate bollards have a base plate that is only 35% larger than the diameter of the bollard, reducing its strength and security. Most of Area Safe’s range of bollards are more than double the diameter of the bollard itself. For example, Area Safe’s 140mm Steel Base Plate Bollard has a round base plate of 300mm and 10mm thick, which is more than half of its diameter.
  • Area Safe have a range of Safety Yellow Powder Coated Bollards that are the most appropriate choice if it is needed to stand out and create a visual safety warning in a busy warehouse/industrial environment. Ensuring the bollard has a high quality powder coat gloss finish goes a long way in preventing accidents from occurring. Most alternate bollards have a rough powder coat finish which doesn’t create high visual awareness. If the finish of the powder coat is rough it will chip away or fade over a short period of time, creating no visual awareness at all. This defeats the purpose of ensuring the safety and protection of pedestrians and property within its install area.

When choosing the correct bollard for your facility it is important to base that decision on which bollard can provide the best protection for the pedestrians, machinery, and property within its intended area. A cheaper alternative may be more appealing at the time of purchase, but when its strengths and integrity is tested, you do not want to be disappointed by weaknesses due to lightweight walls and warped base plates. View Area Safe’s range of premium Safety Bollards that are guaranteed to provide the best protection when compared to other alternatives.

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