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What does ‘Facility Protection’ entail?

Protecting your facility means that your organization is able to function in an efficient and productive environment where hazards are eliminated, and risks are controlled. With less chance of accidents likely to occur, individuals who work within your facility are able to work effectively with minimal disruptions and will have to spend less time focusing on maintaining both the appearance and the safety of your property. Facility protection can occur through various methods, with Areasafe offering bird spikes, skateboard deterrents, wet umbrella bag dispensers and key & SDS Cabinets just as a start. These products can be used in shopping centers, accommodation facilities, transport hubs, health and aged care centers, education facilities, and more.

Whilst wet umbrella bag dispensers are convenient for those who use your property/facility, they are also an essential safety feature to prevent the risk of slips from dripped water. This will ensure the protection of those who work within and those who will visit your facility, ensuring the safety of those around is made a priority. However, not only does facility protection refer to the safety of those in and around your facility, but also means maintaining the appearance of your property. The variety of bird spikes available as well as the large range of skateboard deterrents Area Safe provides will keep your facility looking tidy and professional. Document storage boxes, lockable cabinets and folders can hold safety data sheets, keys and other necessary items that will aid in the case of situations where this information needs to be obtained immediately. These cabinets reduce the risk of these important documents and keys being tampered with and ensures that they will be quickly available any time they are needed.

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