Picnic Settings

What are Picnic Settings?

Picnic Settings are a combination of seats or benches with a table that is used for interactive purposes such as eating, learning or relaxing with others. They can be one complete unit of benches and table in one or can be benches or seats separate to a table.

Picnic Settings are commonly used in reserves & parks to facilitate family picnics and outdoor meals. They are also used in schools and universities in eating areas or outdoor learning facilities.

So what picnic setting best suits your requirements? There are many aspects to consider when choosing a picnic setting. These could include:

  • The Environment – if near salt water or salty air you are likely to require stainless steel frames. If in high UV rated area you may require aluminium slats.
  • The Demographics of users – small children may require lower benches, older students may require heavier duty benches, public areas should have low maintenance benches and table tops.
  • The aesthetics of the area – Aluminium Settings look more industrial where timber slat styles will give a more modern look. Within the Area Safe range we have a variety of modern, traditional and industrial styles to choose from.
  • Wheel Chair Access for DDA compliance – The ‘Disability Discrimination Act 1992’ which covers all aspects of disabled access in public places includes indoor and outdoor furniture. Mostly if the picnic setting is to be installed in a public space it will require wheel chair access. See here for further info on DDA compliant picnic settings.

Area Safe also provide a great range of café umbrellas that are compatible to most of the AS Urban range of picnic settings.

Custom fabricated picnic settings are also available from Area Safe. This could include change in slat colour or style (timber, composite plastic, aluminium), slat size change, overall setting size change or framework colour or size change. Area Safe have powdercoated the steel frames of the picnic settings to various different colours for many of our clients in the past.

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