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Convex Mirrors

Explore our diverse range of Convex Mirrors, the ideal solution for enhancing safety and visibility in any environment. Our Convex Safety Mirrors, made with high-grade materials, provide an extensive, wide-angle view that is crucial for traffic safety, retail surveillance, and indoor/outdoor security.

Our Convex Mirrors

  • Indoor and outdoor mirrors.
  • Range of sizes from 450mm to 1000mm in diameter.
  • Visibility ranges from 10 metres to over 20 metres.
  • Prices start from $139 + GST.
  • Stainless steel option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Convex Mirror, also known as a safety mirror, is a curved mirror designed to enhance visibility and provide a wider field of view than traditional mirrors. There are different types of convex mirrors including the standard Convex Safety Mirror, which is typically used in parking lots or intersections for enhanced visibility, and the Dome Mirror, a more rounded design that offers an expansive 360-degree view, making it perfect for retail surveillance and indoor safety. How do these mirrors work? It's all in the curve! When light hits the convex surface of these mirrors, it's reflected outwards, creating a wide, panoramic view that boosts safety, helps you monitor your surroundings and really gives you that extra pair of eyes where you need them most.

Convex safety mirrors provide numerous benefits, with increased visibility being number one. Thanks to their unique outward curve, these mirrors reflect light over a broader area, offering a comprehensive, wide-angle view that is not possible with conventional mirrors.

This increased visibility translates into improved safety in numerous settings, from parking lots and intersections to retail and warehouse spaces. By allowing you to see around corners or detect movement in hard-to-see areas, convex mirrors play a critical role in reducing accidents. Whether it's a vehicle navigating a blind corner or a store manager needing to monitor crowded aisles, convex mirrors serve as essential tools for accident prevention.

Our convex mirrors can be incredibly versatile and are suitable for a variety of settings: Traffic Management: Due to their wide-angle view, Convex Safety Mirrors are commonly used at road intersections, parking lots, and driveways to improve visibility for drivers, reducing the risk of collisions. Shopping Centres: Convex and Dome Mirrors are often used in retail stores and shopping centres for surveillance purposes. They provide a panoramic view of the store, helping to deter theft and monitor customer activity effectively. Warehouses and Factories: In warehouses and factories, convex mirrors help in monitoring large areas and blind spots, increasing safety for workers by preventing accidents. Hospitals and Schools: Convex Safety Mirrors help monitor hallways and corridors, ensuring safety and preventing unwanted incidents. Office Buildings: They're used in office settings for security purposes, allowing a view of otherwise hidden areas. Car Parks: They help drivers navigate tight spots and blind corners safely. By improving visibility, enhancing safety, and reducing accidents, Convex Mirrors prove to be an essential tool in many environments.
A Convex Mirror, also known as a safety mirror, is used to improve visibility in a variety of settings. They are commonly used at road intersections, parking lots, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and office buildings for traffic regulation, surveillance, and safety purposes.
Our Convex Mirrors come in various sizes, ranging from 450mm diameter to 1000mm diameter. This variety allows for flexibility to meet the specific needs of different settings.
The visibility range of our Convex Mirrors varies depending on the size of the mirror. They provide an outstanding visibility range from 10m to over 20m.
Convex mirrors are typically installed at a height that provides the best field of view. They come with mounting hardware that can be used to attach them to a wall or pole. The exact method of installation can vary depending on the specific model and setting. Our friendly team is able to provide installation advice specific to your situation.
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