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What are Wall Protectors and Dock Bumpers

Rubber wall guards and dock bumpers are surface mounted resilient and shock-absorptive products that help provide excellent protection for built structures and for the vehicles bumping against them. Available in a range of different materials, profiles, shapes and dimensions, they are each designed for a specific application in factories, warehouses, loading docks, shopping centres, marine docks and piers, cruise liner terminals, distribution centres, self-storage facilities, transport hubs and airports.

Corner guards are rubber, stainless steel, galvanised steel or PVC angles designed to protect the corners of walls and columns in car parks, transport hubs, lift lobbies, corridors, doorways, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, workshops, schools, motels, apartments and hospitals.

Column and wall protectors are thick rubber or PVC foam profiles to protect vehicles and high-cost structures from damage at low speeds. They also provide opportunity for car park advertising that is easy to maintain or renew at low cost.

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