Concrete Bollards

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What are Concrete Bollards?

Concrete bollards are a large concrete object that acts as a control, deterrent or director to any form of traffic. They are commonly used as an anti-terror or anti-ram-raid bollard. Unfortunately, they have become increasing used in the cities of today’s modern world due to the ever-present threat of terrorism.

Concrete bollards, logs and cubes are now being commonly used in urban and architectural designs, giving a modern aesthetic to new urban environments i.e. public parks or reserves, shared eating and recreational spaces or courtyard and piazza areas. As well as acting as a protector they provide seating facilities and creative urban designs. They are also used in car yards or carparks to protect pedestrian walkways, other vehicles and building walls, especially glass walls.

It is worth noting that these concrete bollards are not crash rated or tested. Being heavy concrete objects they will withstand the force of a vehicle but they have not been tested for and therefore cannot be certified or guaranteed to withstand an oncoming vehicle.

Area Safe has 4 standard designs – the concrete log bollard, the concrete cube bollard, the concrete frustum bollard and 2 sizes of concrete ball bollard. We also have the ability to manufacture custom concrete bollards.

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