Height Bars

Height Bars

Clearence 5 End Caps 2 Reflective Caution chevrons 3 Large text - easy to read 6 Heavy wall 2mm RHS 7 Galvanised steel never rusts 8 Height is 100mm below lowest ceiling 9 Hi-Vis Safety Yellow 1 Wind resistant 4 Galvanised chain included (1m drop)

Wind resistant
Swings & flips over leaving car park unprotected
Reflective Caution chevrons
Large text - easy to read
Small text takes longer to read
Galvanised chain included (1m drop)
Chain not supplied / costs extra
End Caps
No end caps
Heavy wall 2mm RHS
Light duty or plastic
Galvanised steel never rusts
Untreated steel rusts easily
Height is 100mm below lowest ceiling
No experience - incorrect height
Hi-Vis Safety Yellow
Less visible white or black

What is a Height Restriction Bar?

A Height Restriction Bar (height clearance bar) is an overhead indicator of the maximum vehicle height that can safely proceed into an undercover car park or under an awning or other overhead structure. They are designed to protect critical overhead infrastructure and services from impact, and eliminate the possibility of insurance claims by vehicle owners if the warning is ignored.

Area Safe Height Restriction Bars are made from durable galvanised steel and are finished in hi-vis safety yellow powder coat with black & yellow reflective warning chevrons. They come with end caps, 1m length of gal chain at each end, chain hangers and sizes including 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m. The clearance height text is applied to meet your requirements. Length of bar, maximum clearance height for text and length of chain must be specified. The maximum safety clearance height is worked out by measuring the lowest point of the overhead structure or service ducting and subtracting 100mm off that measurement.

Area Safe Height Bars are manufactured with sturdy steel RHS because other lightweight materials such as plastic get blown around and sometimes flipped out of position in windy conditions leaving it vulnerable.

What is a Manual Swing Gate or Boom Gate?

Both manual swing gates and automatic boom gates help with access control in driveways, warehouses and car parks. Both are available in a range of sizes to suit your driveway and feature many useful options for maximum versatility and application. They are an essential safety fixture for traffic control in vehicle areas, forklift areas and shared zones at factories, schools, shopping centres, clubs, airports, urban parks, National Parks, reserves, construction sites etc.

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