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What is an Expanding Barrier?

Expanding Barriers are a compact and portable safety barricade that cordons off any temporary exclusion zone where there is cleaning, danger, worksite or out-of-service equipment such as an escalator or lift (elevator). They are also used with wall brackets as a security barrier to block off corridors or retail outlets.

These versatile scissor-action expandable barriers are supplied by Area Safe Products in a quality range of different sizes, materials and styles to suit every situation. There are the hi-vis red and white barriers (2.2m, 3.2m & 5.5m long), the safety yellow folding mobile barriers (4m long), the silver-grey aluminium industrial style barriers (6.7m & 7.8m) and the black or white powder coated High Guard Barriers (3m long) for extra security.

Area Safe also supplies a premium range of expanding belt barriers seen on this website as retractable belt barriers.

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