Wheelie Bins, Post Locks & Dome Tops

Wheelie Bin + Accessories Overview

Wheelie bins are something that everyone needs, all year round, and Area Safe is here to help! Not only do we supply the wheelie bins themselves, but also wheelie bin surrounds, dome tops & covers, bin posts and locks, bin signs, and bin event covers.

Wheelie bins are suitable for use in absolutely any facility! They enable your grounds are kept free of rubbish, are easy to empty, and can be wheeled anywhere they need to be. The accessories that Area Safe also supplies helps to further keep your facility looking its best- with the grounds looking professional and tidy. For example, bin covers are great for events because they enable the company to print customised logos on the front and can come in a wide range of colours. Bin post locks and dome lids not only stop others from using your grounds to dump their personal rubbish but limit the hassle of animals such as crows from opening the lids themselves.

Area Safe’s wheelie bin surrounds are masterpiece for easy waste separation and rubbish management. They are carefully engineered with a heavy-duty modular construction and are able to be customised to better suit your needs! These are an absolute must have for your facility to make a simple wheelie bin look something a little more!

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