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Queue Control Barriers & Stanchions

Queue Control Barriers & Stanchions by Area Safe

Explore Area Safe’s durable stanchions, designed for effective crowd control and clear space demarcation. Our stanchions are essential for safety and order in various settings, adhering to the Australian standard for handrail stanchion spacing. They are built to last, ensuring your areas are managed with ease and efficiency.

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A retractable queue barrier, sometimes known as a retractable belt stanchion, is a metal post with a retractable belt inside the top canister of the unit.
Area Safe’s range of Deluxe Rope Barriers are a stylish alternative to cordon off access to restricted areas or forming a queuing system in a busy area.
Area Safe’s range of Deluxe Rope Barriers are ideal for cordoning off access to restricted areas and forming a queuing system in a busy area.
The Retractable PVC Hazard Belt Barrier is a pedestrian control system for outdoor and industrial environments.
The Retractable Hazard Balt Barrier is ideal for indoor or industrial applications. The hi-vis black and yellow striped belts are 4m long and manufactured from a heavy duty webbing.
The 4m Retractable hazard belt barriers are a versatile and portable system for indoor commercial or industrial environments.

What are Queue Control Barriers?

Area Safe stock a comprehensive range of premium quality retractable barriers and rope barriers. A retractable queue barrier system is perfect for line control and crowd management in areas such as shopping malls, train stations, airports, banks, stadiums etc. The retractable belt barriers, or tensa barriers, are compact and sturdy, with the belt retracting into its casing, causing minimal storage.

The rope barriers are a classy premium option for queue and line control. Often seen in high end department or fashion stores or five star hotels, the rope barrier provides a quality and serene environment for your customers to relax in.

Area Safe also provide a wide range of accessories for these pedestrian barriers. These include, wall receiver brackets, sign holders for both belt and rope barriers and also an 18 post storage cart.

Included in the range is pedestrian safety barriers for industrial applications. Heavy duty 20m, 9m or 6m wall unit options with mounting accessories for steel posts (magnetic), pallet racking (magnetic & hook) or round posts (velcro straps). Safety yellow posts with black and yellow safety hazard tape helps to cordon off pedestrian walkways or dangerous areas.

Printed belt barriers are also available. With low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, Area Safe is the first preference for branded queue control barriers. By having a logo on your barriers it helps to maintain a professional image for your company and eliminate loss or theft of your property.

Our Sturdy Area Safe Stanchions

Area Safe's stanchions cater to every need—our Premium Belt Barriers provide elegance and resilience for high-traffic areas, while our Industrial Belt Barriers offer unmatched toughness for harsh environments. The classic Rope Barriers bring sophistication to any venue, and our space-efficient Wall Mount Barriers ensure seamless crowd control in tighter spaces. All are crafted from premium materials like weather-resistant stainless steel and durable webbing, ensuring they last. Simple to set up, they're designed for stability and quick configuration changes, making them a versatile choice for orderly space management.

What is a Stanchion?

A stanchion is a post used as a part of a queue control system, guiding crowds and sectioning off areas. Made from materials like corrosion-resistant stainless steel and lightweight high-quality plastics, stanchions are built to last and are easy to maintain.

Key components include the stable base, the post itself, and the belts, ropes, or chains that connect to form barriers. Retractable belt stanchions are versatile for various settings, while rope stanchions add a touch of elegance. Chain stanchions are durable, ideal for outdoor use, and wall-mounted options are perfect for saving space.

Stanchions come in various designs, some with the ability to hold signs or feature custom-printed belts, meeting the diverse needs of crowd control and space delineation.

Why Invest in Durable Stanchions?

Investing in durable stanchions is a smart choice for several reasons. Firstly, it's cost-effective in the long run as these stanchions require fewer replacements and repairs. They also enhance safety and security by providing reliable crowd control and reducing the likelihood of accidents in public spaces. Aesthetically, high-quality stanchions maintain their appearance over time, adding to the visual appeal of the venue. Their versatility makes them suitable for various settings and purposes. The durability of materials like stainless steel ensures these stanchions withstand wear and weather, maintaining their functionality and appearance for extended periods, making them a prudent investment.

Why are Stanchions Important?

Stanchions are vital for ensuring protection and adhering to Occupational Health & Safety standards, as they help prevent accidents by marking safe areas and restricting access to hazardous zones. They bring order and organisation to busy public spaces by efficiently managing queues and guiding foot traffic. This aids in compliance with regulations regarding crowd control and public safety, ensuring that spaces meet necessary standards. Stanchions are key to effective crowd management, especially in high-traffic areas or during events, as they control the flow of people, prevent overcrowding, and facilitate smooth movement, crucial for safety and efficient operations.

Buy Stanchions and Queue Control Barriers at Area Safe

Durable, well-designed stanchions are not just tools for crowd management; they are investments in the security and efficiency of any space. Explore Area Safe's extensive range of stanchions, each designed with the highest standards of quality and functionality in mind. Whether you need solutions for commercial, industrial, or specific event needs, Area Safe has the right options to meet your requirements. For more information or to discuss the best stanchion solutions for your venue, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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