Aluminium Picnic Settings

The Picnic Setting that Fits the Bill Every Time!

There are always so many factors that you have to think about when planning an outdoor space. Will the product be durable? Does it suit the intended use? Is easy to maintain? Will it even fit my intended space? With the Aluminum picnic setting range, you can meet all your requirements so simply. This is because there are so many variations you can make to these products in order for them to meet your needs! With the modular settings, you can order setting lengths of up to 6 meters, and can order different width tables depending on your requirements.

There are options of having 2-sided or 4-sided settings, with a tradition style or modular look. If it’s going in an area without a shelter, Area Safe offers a covered picnic setting, or if you prefer backrests, we have the option of a bolt on backrest available. If you cater for those who need wheelchair accessible settings, no problem! Area Safe offers different styles of wheelchair accessible settings, in both the 4 sided and 2 sided designs, with either one side accessible or both sides accessible. Different colored end caps are also available to help you to define different areas for different purposes or simple to add a splash of color!

Although these settings are commonly used in education facilities, they are perfect for use in any park or any other function center. Enquire today to create the setting that will be perfectly suited for your space.

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