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Why Use Our Display Cabinets & Stands?

Area Safe offers a range of display cabinets & stands, including frames and cabinets, document display stands, and suggestion boxes. These are useful for use in many facilities as they can be used to communicate important messages to those within your facility and therefore minimize confusion and increase the usability of the facility.

These display cabinets and stands would be useful in every facility. From schools to shopping centers, from aged care facilities to airports, from construction sites, to clubs, these are sure to be a beneficial addition to your facility!! Often used in reception areas to highlight important details of the facility, such as important contact details, Work Health and Safety information as well as what the facility does/ is used for. They can also be used for promotional purposes or to showcase staff culture incentives such as inspirational quotes, employees of the week, company lunch menus and/or other incentives.

The stands/ floor signs can then be used to make it clear what different parts of your facility are used for, or to temporarily mark certain areas as ‘out of bounds’ or ‘out of operation’. They can also be used specifically for events, to indicate traffic flow inside a facility, mark out where the event is being held, who is attending and at what times, etc. These stands and frames are easy to use and offer the flexibility to swap around the messages you chose to put inside them.

Suggestion boxes are a great way to gather feedback about your facility/the way you operate whilst also highlighting to those that use your facility that you are taking consideration of their interests and have an attitude to continuously improve. They look neat and are easy to unlock and empty.

The great thing about these display cabinets and stands is that you can personalize the message you chose to display in whatever way you want. This includes not only a message that will specifically suit your needs, but could also be a design with your logo and company colors or other design elements that will bring immediate recognition of your brand and promote further recognition.

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