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The fundamental idea of incorporating bins within a facility is to ensure the users of the area dispose of their rubbish correctly, keeping the landscape clean and tidy, right?
Are you trying to implement a waste management system at your facility but not exactly sure how the streams are meant to be correctly separated?
Does your facility have a takeaway pizza shop or one nearby? If so, you will need to consider a bin that can fit pizza boxes.
Have you noticed that the bins at your facility are not protected from birds and wildlife? If so, they are exxtremely likely to pick through the bin and make a mess of your rubbish.

Bins - A Necessity for all Facilities

Every facility needs bins! Area Safe offers a wide range of litter bins so you can keep your area clean and free of rubbish, ensuring a professional image is upheld and an appropriate level of cleanliness is maintained. If there are specific allocated areas for rubbish disposal, individuals in your area are more inclined to not leave rubbish in unsuitable areas. As well as keeping your area clean, Area Safes styles offer a classy touch to any streetscape or landscape environment or any public facility.

There are so many different varieties and styles- lift off lids or hinge swinging doors, additions of ashtrays, different color options, different materials to choose from, and options to customize! There are signs you can add to many of the bins to highlight their specific purpose and also different size options to choose from so your bin is sure to fit your space!

With both indoor and outdoor bin options, these can be used in a variety of places, from schools and universities, to shopping centers, trade centers, clubs, aged care facilities, parks, function centers, airports, car park complexes, and much more! The quality materials these products are made from make for a long-lasting quality product that will serve your facility well. Extra galvanized liners are available, so you are able to replace them if needed over time. In addition to this, Area Safes bins are simple and easy to install so they will be ready to use in your facility in no time!

Many of these bins are part of a series and therefore may have matching seats, benches or planters so make sure you check out the whole series so you can deck out your facility with matching styles!

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