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Our Guide to Parking Protection With Case Studies

When you are entering a parking lot the risk of experiencing a vehicle-related accident isn't obvious and front of mind. Unfortunately, collisions with parked cars tend to be the most widespread type of stationary accidents in Australia. This is reason enough that businesses, restaurants, shopping centers, and companies with a high number of visitors and employees should be attentive towards parking safety strategies and products, to maximise the effectiveness of parking lots and potentially save more lives.

As a recognition of the fact that the safety of the worker, customers, and all the individuals entering your facility is the priority of every company, the protection of the property is also considered paramount.

This is why Area Safe makes sure to provide companies with quality products and services that will last for an extended period of time and will not disappoint our customers. The safety of your company and your visitors is the highest priority for us!

Based on our abundant experience in the industry we are proud to have outstanding collaboration with diverse companies, meeting their individual need for parking lot safety and protection.

Let's review some of the most powerful strategies and tools through case studies that ensure parking lot safety conducted by Area Safe.

New McDonald's Restaurant Project:

It's no surprise that McDonald's is one of the most well known and visited restaurant chains globally. With over 970 restaurants around the country and more than 100,000 employees, it is crucial for this type of company to maximise its efforts towards safety measures.

Taking into account that there are close to two million customers visiting the various restaurants on a daily basis, our mission was to certify the security of every single one of them with our wide range of parking safety products.

With a strong commitment to the project, we have invested a range of products starting from Compact P4 Bike Racks, Stainless Steel Bollards , Heavy Duty Plastic Speed Humps to various Wheel Stops , CarPark Signages, Safety Signs and Custom Signs. A couple of the products that have been used in this project that may be the key to ensuring the parking safety for your company.

Car park signs:

Did you know that car parking areas are one of the most accident-prone facilities in Australia?

To minimise the risk in these areas it is extremely important that these areas are adequately marked and have the needed signage. Merely having no right, turn/no left turn signs, stop signs, give way signs and, importantly, speed signs in your parking area will make a huge difference in the gap between accidents and safe activities in your facility.

Bike Rack:

This compact bike parking solution maximises the effective bike storage specifically for small spaces. The main 'P' leaning rail provides full support for the bicycle preventing any stress on the wheels and enabling the bike frame to be locked to the rack. Importantly, concealed fixings from underneath prevent thieves from unbolting the individual hoops resulting in a higher security and protection level for bike parking.

Woolworths Head Office Car Park Project:

Since 2003 we have been supporting different companies to successfully complete their projects on time and on budget. This iconic commercial building is built to accommodate around 3000 employees. This project was no exception. Here are a couple of high-quality products we have used in this project for safe pedestrian and vehicle movement.

Rubber Speed Humps:

We intentionally chose this product to meet the particular need of this project. The benefits of this product, some of which are listed below, empower us to speak louder about its results.

  • For standard use, rubber speed humps are cheaper than heavy-duty recycled rubber speed humps
  • Rubber construction can be easily coordinated to uneven surfaces
  • If you need easy installation and replacement individual speed hump modules are the right choice
  • They are available in 500mm or 250mm modules

If you are planning to use rubber speed humps in your project we have got some good news for you. Those are available for delivery Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Parking Bollards:

Considering parking areas are always a mix of activities of pedestrians, vehicles, and building fixtures, bollard protections are one of the primary ways to secure accident-free interaction in the area.

Generally, parking Bollards in a parking area are mostly used for:

  • disabled shared zones,
  • loading docks,
  • stairs or ramps,
  • protection from pedestrian footpaths and vehicle driveways,
  • kerb entries,
  • protect columns,
  • protect doors and walls, and much more.

Peter Warren Kia Project:

Starting this project, we always had in mind that Peter Warren Automotive is a very busy dealership with many vehicles & pedestrian movements every day. This created a high-risk environment for movement, so we came prepared with parking safety products.

We started by providing separation between vehicles and pedestrians, additional to the successful installation of high impact concrete bollards . With the use of the spherical ball design, we not only effectively separated the walkway links for vehicles and pedestrians but also had a beautifully complementing element to the modern curved architecture of the Kia showroom.

A couple of products we used for this project include -

Stair Nosing:

The primary purpose of stair nosing is to assist visually impaired persons with where to put their feet so that they can safely navigate the stairs. This is also very effective in increasing traction for preventing the steps from being slippery when wet.

We are happy to inform you that our range of Anti-slip Stair Nosing and Anti-slip Stair Tape has a slip resistance rating of P5. This is the highest available rating that meets the requirements of AS4586-2013.

Wheel Stops:

Wheel stops are one of the commonly used products when it comes to parking safety. If you specifically want your wheel stops to stand out, we have got a perfect offer for you, our black and yellow "hazard look" Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops that have proven their effectiveness multiple times. Those are manufactured from tough recycled rubber and more importantly, are easy to install with your choice of fastener kits. Moreover, they can also be easily placed by using adhesive for added strength. We are proud to let you know that the recycled rubber wheel stops correspond to the Australian Standard 2890.1-2004.

Concluding thoughts: If you want to ensure the safety measures of your parking area for the vehicles, pedestrians, and your facility do not hesitate to contact us for further collaboration. We guarantee high quality and affordable prices for all of the available products.

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