Speed Humps

Frequently Asked Questions

The best speed humps for trucks in the Area Safe range are either the Heavy Vehicle Rubber Speed Humps (50mm or 75mm high), or the Heavy-Duty Steel Speed Humps (5mm plate). These options are both extremely durable and heavy duty to withstand the weight of large trucks and buses continually passing over the speed bump.
There is no actual weight rating regarding speed humps. The true measure of a speed humps durability is how many times it can be passed over by a certain vehicle weight. For example: if you knew it could withstand 100 passes of 50 tonne, this would determine the durability of the product.
The longevity of a speed hump will vary depending on the weight and type of vehicle that is passing over it, along with the frequency of its use. The Area Safe range of heavy vehicle speed humps will last the longest out of our range, with the combined use of light and heavy vehicles.
The Australian Standards regarding speed humps refer to the colour and size of the alternating coloured sections. The sizing is set to be 250mm wide stripes of black and yellow sections. The sizing of the speed hump must be between 25mm to 75mm high with a flat top that is between 100mm to 150mm wide. Area Safe’s Heavy Duty Plastic, Rubber and Steel Speed Humps comply with the Australian Standards.

There is a small selection of speed humps that do not comply with Australian Standards due to their specific purpose. This includes the larger sizing options available for places such as truck depots.

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