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Effective Speed Bumps for Ensuring Safety and Traffic Calming

Prioritise road safety and streamline traffic control with our selection of speed bumps and humps. Crafted to offer resilience and high visibility, these aids are crucial for soothing traffic flow and safeguarding parking lot areas. Our safety solutions will gently guide drivers and protect pedestrians throughout your facilities.

Discover Area Safe's Range of Durable Speed Bumps

Discover Area Safe's variety of durable speed bumps, thoughtfully designed for impactful traffic management and safety. Our robust Rubber Speed Humps blend flexibility with durability, perfect for managing vehicle flow in multiple environments. For a lighter, yet sturdy option, consider our high-visibility Plastic Speed Humps that promise cost-effective traffic control. Our range of Rumble Strips serve as an excellent measure to alert drivers and enhance safety in sensitive areas. For heavy-duty use in high-traffic areas, are Steel Speed Humps are a perfect addition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speed humps and bumps are critical for road safety and traffic moderation, offering a suite of benefits. They effectively slow down traffic, enhance pedestrian safety, and reduce accident risks. Ideal for various environments, they serve as a low-maintenance, high-visibility solution for traffic calming, while their diverse designs cater to specific area needs, from residential streets to bustling commercial zones. Their ease of installation and durability make them a cost-effective, long-term investment in safety.
Speed humps and bumps contribute to traffic calming and safety by moderating vehicle speed, which is crucial in high-pedestrian areas like school zones and residential neighbourhoods. Their presence signals drivers to slow down, which increases the reaction time to potential hazards, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents. This creates a safer environment for both pedestrians and motorists. Moreover, the physical and visual cues of speed humps and bumps act as constant reminders for drivers to maintain low speeds, further reinforcing safe driving behaviours in areas where vehicle-pedestrian interactions are common.
Speed bumps and humps for traffic control can be found at a variety of places, including Area Safe Products. You can typically source them from traffic safety supply stores, road equipment suppliers, industrial safety supply shops, and online marketplaces specialising in traffic control products.

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Humpex Heavy Duty Solid Rubber Speed Hump is made from a durable rubber/PVC combination with overall width of 380mm. Suitable for all general applications where durability and low noise are required.
Humpex Heavy Vehicle Recycled Rubber Speed Humps are a high quality heavy duty speed calming system available in 50 and 75(H)mm modules. Where facilities endure the traffic of light vehicles and heavy trucks, most speed humps don't cater to both in one.
Humpex Rubber Traffic Calmer is designed to calm traffic to safer speeds without over emphasising the 'bump'. Manufactured from a solid rubber and plastic combination for greater strength and durability.
The purpose of installing speed humps on roads, driveways and in car parks is to physically force vehicles to slow down to a safe speed. At a reduced speed, vehicles can stop more quickly within a shorter distance to protect pedestrians from injury or death.
Humpex Heavy Duty Plastic Speed Hump gives vehicles that extra jolt as the tyres meet the ramped sides of the speed hump. Suitable for use in all areas including high traffic and heavy vehicles.
Extremely strong and hard wearing, the Humpex Heavy Vehicle Steel Speed Hump modules and end caps are made from 5mm thick chequer plate with load bearing bridges with cable access.
These rubber safety rumble strips made of solid rubber & PVC combination have multiple applications; they can be used on roadways to separate lanes and reduce traffic speeds like a mini speed hump, or mounted on walls for protective strips.
Expansion joint covers can be installed over existing sealants and are widely used in multi-deck structures, car parks, roofs, ramps, drive ways, etc.

Why Choose Area Safe Speed Bumps? 

Selecting Area Safe for your traffic calming solutions means choosing reliability and efficiency. Our speed bumps are not only diverse in design to suit any application, but they also boast superior durability to withstand the demands of high traffic areas. With Area Safe, benefit from quick dispatch times that ensure your safety needs are met promptly. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for robust and effective traffic control solutions.

Enhancing Safety Across Various Spaces with Speed Bumps

Speed bumps from Area Safe are versatile tools in enhancing safety and managing traffic across a wide array of spaces. 

In bustling parking lots, they slow vehicles to a safer pace, protecting pedestrians and drivers alike. 

Residential areas benefit from the calming presence of speed humps, keeping neighbourhood streets secure for all. 

Shopping centres and school zones, areas with high pedestrian activity, see improved safety as speed bumps ensure vigilant driving. 

Commercial complexes and healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes also rely on these installations to maintain order and safeguard those coming and going. 

Area Safe speed bumps are essential in creating a controlled and secure environment for every community.

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