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How to Maximise Safety in a School Car Park Zone

Project: Junior Campus - Early Learning Centre, Sydney NSW

Picture the scene: The school has an early learning centre built on an elevated suspended slab and an undercroft car park with a shared zone. This undercroft car park where parents park their car, hop out and walk their children to reception and sign-in, then return to their car to leave. Space is tight and natural light is scarce. Cars need to reverse into the flow of cars when leaving. Parents with prams and toddlers try to carefully navigate their way through the traffic and reversing vehicles before reaching a pathway to reception. This is a typical high-risk shared zone environment.

The school identified the need for a safety upgrade, installed additional lighting in the area and engaged Area Safe Products to supply & install the following safety improvements:

Products Showcased:

  • Rubber Speed Humps (selected for their quietness - children sleeping above)
  • Reflective Custom Sign - SLOW DOWN VEHICLES REVERSING
  • Reflective Custom Sign - SLOW DOWN CHILDREN ABOUT
  • Flashing Warning signs – SHARED ZONE 5KPH
  • Temporary T-Top Bollards
  • Line Marking Stencil – Footprints

Is your Kiss & Ride zone as safe as it could be, or are you taking the risk that no one will get injured or killed by accident?

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