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With an increased emphasis on the importance of recycling and its benefits for the environment, there is subsequently an increased need for recycling bins. Area Safe offers a wide range of recycling bins that will be useful for your facility to help encourage individuals in your area to make recycling a habit and to attempt to minimize waste. Area Safe offers many different size bins of different styles, including Waratah Dual Bins, Cyclo Dual Recycling Bins, Cyclo Compact Dual Recycling Bins, Athens Recycling & waste enclosures, wheelie bin dome tops and more!

Our bins are a necessity, yet classy finish, for every facility and will seamlessly fit into many different environments. They are manufactured from high quality materials and have bright colored lid areas for easy identification of the recycling unit. Area Safe offers custom colors and signage as well to make sure you are able to order exactly what you need! With either hinge or lift-off tops, liners are easily accessed and removed for clean and easy rubbish disposal.

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