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Area Safe Concrete Bollards have a high impact strength, are manufactured to a minimum of 32MPa with a huge dead-weight making them an effective solution for anti-ram-raid protection of pedestrians and property in high-risk environments.

Providing a safe physical separation between vehicles and pedestrians, plus anti-ram raid protection for shopfronts and plaza areas, high impact concrete bollards are installed with heavy duty steel ground anchors to prevent sideways shifting. The spherical ball design is one of the most popular shapes for concrete bollards to beautifully compliment modern and heritage architecture while effectively demarcating the walkway links to separate vehicles and pedestrians.

Concrete Bollards are available in a Ø600mm ball and the colossal Ø800mm ball, concrete cube, 1800mm concrete log, and the Concrete Frustum bollard with a cross hole for horizontal rails or security chain. Area Safe Products Pty Ltd supplies a full range of security bollards including Removable Bollards, Parking Bollards, Concrete Bollards, Stainless Steel Bollards, Flexible Bollards, Timber Bollards, Steel Bollards, Custom Bollards including truck bollards & Parking Space Protectors.

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