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3 Mid rail to safely secure trolleys 4 Modular Construction - Easy install & repair 5 Heavy 48mm Gal Pipe 1 Heavy Duty Galvanised Cast Fittings 2 Easily customisable 6 Trolley Bay Wheel Stop to stop trolleys rolling away (optional)

Area Safe Trolley Bay Alternative Trolley Bay
Heavy Duty Galvanised Cast Fittings
Light duty chrome or plastic fittings
Easily customisable
Fully welded, non-customisable
Mid rail to safely secure trolleys
No mid rail, non-secure trolley’s
Modular Construction - Easy install & repair
Fully welded, difficult to deliver & install
Heavy 48mm Gal Pipe
Lightweight 25-36mm pipe
Trolley Bay Wheel Stop to stop trolleys
rolling away (optional)
No Wheel Stop available

Why are Trolley Bays so Useful?

Trolley bays are a great way to ensure that your trolleys are held in a secure storage location within your facility. If trolley bays are not installed around your premises, customers and other individuals that use your facility are more likely to leave trolleys in stray locations, this which incurs various implications.

Firstly, trolleys that are not secured in specified locations pose safety hazards to vehicles and other pedestrians around your facility as these individuals will not expect them to be sitting around in such random locations! Having stray trolleys around the area also affects the appearance of your facility as it starts to become untidy and less professional. In addition to this, if there is not an obvious place for trolleys to be stored, they are more likely to go missing from your facility. Therefore, in order to reduce safety hazards caused by trolleys and to maintain a neat image for your facility, make sure you check out our products above!

Area Safe meets all you trolley bay needs! We also provide trolley bay wheel stops and trolley bay sign kits that can be customized to perfectly suit your facility. Our trolley bays are a modular, no-weld design, meaning they are fast to install and easy to repair, plus can be added to or adapted for easy customization to suit whatever your needs may be!

Our trolley bays are popular for use in areas such as airports and shopping centers where individuals need to use trolleys and then where they need to be efficiently collected and placed back in a location that make them easily accessible for customer use.

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