Corner & Downpipe Guards

What is a corner guard?

A corner guard is an angle that covers the corner of a building, wall, kerb or post that could be damaged by - or cause damage to - a vehicle, person or any other moving object i.e. trolley, that may accidently hit the corner. Corner guards are commonly used in high trafficked areas like carparks, shopping centres and hospitals, and will protect the building or wall from cars, shopping trolleys, hospital beds or trolleys, industrial trolleys or forklifts.

Corner guards can be supplied in a variety of materials. The most common material is rubber but is also supplied in galvanised steel, stainless steel, or PVC. Area Safe supply standard lengths and angle dimensions but can also customise these to your exact requirements.

What is a Metal Downpipe Protector?

A metal downpipe protector, sometimes known as a downpipe guard or downpipe cover, is a galvanised sheet metal protector that is folded into shape to cover and protect downpipes. These are provided in varying sizes to cover all downpipe sizes. If a custom size or height is required, Area Safe can provide this too! We also have custom powdercoated downpipe protectors too.

Protecting downpipes is very important, especially for commercial or industrial buildings. If a downpipe is ran into or backed into by a truck, vehicle or forklift – including forklift tines – the downpipe, whether poly or galvanised steel, will be crushed or punctured. A broken downpipe can cause flooding or water damage, especially internal downpipes. Therefore it is extremely important to cover your downpipes with a metal downpipe protector!Amend as needed

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