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Hoop or ring bike racks should be installed 1 metre apart from each other. This is to ensure there is enough room between each rack for 2 bikes to fit and the users to be able to get in between to take the bike off and on the rack.
Single hoop and ring bike racks can hold up to 2 bikes, one on either side. They will require a bike chain or lock to secure the bike to the rail either from the handlebar, centre bar, or wheel.

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The Single Ring Bike Rack is an attractive and artistic choice for bike parking available in surface mounted or in-ground style for secure parking holding up to 2 bikes, one on either side of the rail.
The simple and aesthetically pleasing Single Hoop Bike Racks are available in base plate or in-ground styles. The bike rack can hold up to 2 bikes either side of the rack.
The Surface Mount Hanging Bike Rack is a unique and effective way of storing bikes in shared carparks such as apartment blocks or commercial buildings.
Bike parking is not a wasted investment and should be of high consideration in all business’ practices and implementations. The benefits contributing to the application of bike parking facilities is only expanding and you will be left behind if you are not jumping aboard!
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