Matting, Ramps & Tactiles

Matting, Ramps and Tactiles Overview

Matting, ramps and tactiles are an absolute necessity for any workplace/facility. They are all used for a variety of reasons, but mainly to enable areas to be accessible by all people and to keep people in the area safe from hazards that may arise. Area Safe provides a range of products that will assist in keeping your facility protected and the pedestrians in and around it safe, these including, various types of tactiles, anti-slip floor graphics, stair nosing and plates, anti-slip tape and treads, anti-slip coatings, matting and other floor protection, kerb ramps, and cable covers. These products are high in quality and come with trusted, quality advice so our customers know they are buying a product that is appropriate for the proposed area of use and that they will be installed correctly as per standards.

Our matting, ramp and tactile range is available for delivery Australia wide. We stock large quantities of most items for our customers convenience, eliminating long lead times and honoring our commitment to quality customer service with quick dispatch. Customization is also available for many products in these ranges, including being able to print your own logo on entrance mats!

The wide range of matting, ramps and tactiles that Area Safe provides is suitable for use in shopping centers, schools, industrial facilities, transport hub, building and construction sites and various other facilities that require protection for both people and property. We recognize that the safety of your workers, customers, and every individual that enters your facility, as well as the protection of your property and facilities is paramount. That’s why we seek to continually provide consumers with superior quality products, along with trusted advice and reliable customer service, to enable them to effectively protect and maintain people and property.

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