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Why use Road Repair Kits?

Uneven and broken up roads not only cause damage to vehicles passing over and pose a high risk to pedestrians, but they also interrupt the efficiency of the workplace/ facility. Therefore, in order to ensure maximum functionality of the facility and decrease accidents, as well as ensure a professional and well-maintained appearance, these handy road repair kits should be always kept aside in case they are needed. These road repair kits are of high quality and are very simple to use, with no special primers needed and being ready in just seconds after the water is added and its mixed.

Area Safe provides different types of road repair kits; instant pothole filler, HardMaster Repair Motar Fine and HardMaster Repair Motar Bulk. The instant pothole filler cures on compaction, and therefore the area which has been repaired is instantly ready for use. The repair mortar can be used as a bedding mortar, to repair small cracks, for overhead repairs, all of this which can be quickly painted over’. Why use these products? Firstly, they decrease the risk of accidents occurring due to uneven roads. Also, they are fast setting, and can be applied to any road, with a smooth clean finish. They dry quicker than other alternatives and therefore your facility is out of action for less time, reaching 80% high strength in minutes of pouring.

These handy kits are must haves for your facility to ensure that your area is kept in a safe and professional looking manner.

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