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A removable bollard is a steel bollard or post that can be removed to open a driveway, footpath, garage or factory door to vehicle traffic. Often used to secure shop fronts or factory doors overnight or to provide a vehicle barrier to a council footpath which can be unlocked to allow access to council or maintenance vehicles.
It is important to use the storage sleeves or base plates when they aren’t in their secure position as the bollard, particularly the locking mechanism, can get damaged, often beyond repair, if they aren’t store properly.

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Stainless steel Removable Bollards are 316 grade with #4 brush polish, with security key operation.
This Key Operate Surface Mount Removable Bollard is designed for applications where the floor cannot be core drilled or penetrated, such as suspended or prestressed slabs.
Stainless steel removable bollards are 316 grade and #4 brush polish, with security key operation. Includes metal in ground sleeve with hinged stainless steel cover plate.
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