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Bird Spikes

Triple Bird Spike

3 UV Protected Polycarbonate Base 2 Spikes can be easily cut or bent for tight spaces 4 Easy ‘snap’ adjusted lengths 5 Zig-Zag base with holes to allow adhesive to grip well 1 Flexible Stainless Steel Spikes

Area Safe Triple Bird Spike Alternative Triple Bird Spike
Flexible Stainless Steel Spikes
Non-flexible steel spikes - hurts birds
Spikes can be easily cut or bent for tight spaces
Non-flexible rigid spikes
UV Protected Polycarbonate Base
Steel base
Easy ‘snap’ adjusted lengths
Set lengths - non-adjustable
Zig-Zag base with holes to allow adhesive to grip well
Smooth steel base - adhesive does not bond well

What are Bird Spikes?

Area Safe supplies 2 different configurations of bird spike – triple row sections at 600mm long and single row sections at 500mm long to suit every situation including ledges, truss frames, structural steel, portal frames, window sills, conduit, nesting areas, roof edges, signs, flat surfaces and curved surfaces. Easy installation methods include: clear silicone, sealant adhesive, tape or screws.

Are you continually frustrated with bird droppings beneath their favourite roosting and landing places? Bird droppings not only destroy aesthetics but also create a WHS health and slipping hazard.

There is nothing more definitive than a simple physical solution to an issue such as how to keep unwanted birds away. Just like a speed hump is designed to physically slow down a vehicle, bird control spikes physically repel birds by preventing them landing. Area Safe Bird Spikes have blunt and harmless flat-tipped stainless steel wire with a fine diameter that is quite inconspicuous to the human eye. Carefully designed to be good looking but at the same time easily visible to birds. Birds can see 2 to 8 times further than humans, have a much broader field of vision (340° for pigeons) and can perceive light frequencies that we can’t see. In short, Area Safe Bird Spikes are not unsightly, are fast and easy to install and do not harm birds as they only deter them from landing.

Other types of bird deterrents are often messy, more cumbersome and have loopholes. For example, application of gel or other chemical is generally a temporary solution as it needs to be re-applied regularly after it gets dusty and ineffective. Ultrasonic deterrents are subject to interference and are not effective for all birds. Bird netting may work in some cases to prevent access but is expensive to apply and often birds will find a way around it.

Bird Spike Installation Guide – Silicone Method

  1. All areas that you intend to stick the spikes onto should be cleared, ensuring that they are clean, dry and free from bird droppings.
  2. Squeeze the silicone generously onto the underside of the acrylic bird spike base (about 1cm thick or thicker if the surface is uneven).
  3. Stick the base of the spike level with the edge of pipe, beam or ledge and press it down firmly so that the silicone oozes out the screw holes.
  4. If the remaining gap behind the bird spikes is greater than about 60mm (or 2 ½ inches), then add another row of bird spikes in the space to block it. (If the bird spikes are being installed along the edge of a broad roof, then obviously this does not apply).
  5. For very wide ledges, 3 or more rows of spikes will be necessary. Make sure the gap between spikes is no greater than about 2 ½ inches.
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