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The Purpose of Matting and Floor Protection

Area Safe will provide your facility with quality products you can trust, with a variety of types available so you can be assured that you are using a mat that is fit for purpose. Area Safe provides a range of entrance mats, safety & fatigue mats, and other floor & ground protection. These can be used for such a variety for purposes and in a variety of facilities, including but not limited to; schools, universities, shopping centers, health facilities, clubs & function centers, transport hubs and accommodation facilities- essentially anywhere where people are around.

There are both indoor and outdoor options that are suitable for use in different types of environments, including both wet and dry. Floor protection will keep your facility looking neat clean and professional with minimal damage to flooring as the mats provide a means of constant self-maintenance. For example, people have a means to wipe their feet before they enter whilst chair mats will effectively protect carpet from damage. In addition to this, in some of the mats, water can easily pass through underneath and stop it from being trapped stagnant in one place, which could potentially damage flooring.

Not only are mats effective in protecting your facility, they also protect the individuals who use it. When people entering your facility are able to clean their shoes, whether it be wet from the wetter seasons or dirty from the area around your facility, it will decrease the risk of slipping, tripping and various other accidents. Each mat has a particular purpose, some mats being specifically designed to dry the soles of shoes whilst others specialize in removing dirt and other substances. Others aim to reduce the strain on feet from standing for long periods of time, whilst others can also be effective in covering up parts of the ground which may pose a risk to walkers by.

Companies also have the ability to customize their mat to more fully meet their needs. This includes being able to print a logo on the mat so people using this facility are reminded of the brand and facility in which they are using. This also includes being able to print safety messages on mats so you can display these right where people walk and will be sure to see them! In honoring our company policy, “quality range, trusted support”, Area Safe’s sales people will be able to provide you with more details regarding what mat will best suit your area and what will be most appropriate for use.

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