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The Reason Your Facility Needs These Wheelie Bins!

Wheelie bins are an essential item for any facility! Being on wheels, you can easily move these bins to any location in your facility where they are most needed at any point in time. Not only can they be used to manage waste, but also for storage of spill kit accessories or other kits that you need on hand and easily accessible. If you are planning to use these for spill kits, Area Safe offers wheelie bin lid covers to keep the moisture out of your bins to preserve the kit in quality/usable condition.

Wheelie bins can be used in so many different facilities- including parks, schools, shopping centers, clubs, industrial sites and more. They are especially handy for use during events as they can temporarily cater for large amounts of traffic in any space you need. Depending on the volume of rubbish disposed of, you can either purchase a 2 wheeled bin or a 4 wheeled bin. The 4 wheeled bin comes in 2 different sizes whilst the 2 wheeled bin comes in 4 different sizes. There are so many options to chose from so you are able to have the bin that will suit your facilities needs perfectly. Apart from the varying volumes, Area Safe also offers different body and lid colors. Each different color as a different meaning to make it clear exactly how you are trying to separate your waste. This will help the individuals who use your facility to separate their waste for you, and in turn will save you time and will cost the environment less! Heavy duty 240L bin liners can also be obtained from Area Safe so you don’t have to worry about searching out other suppliers before you complete the package! Area Safe also offers different colored wheelie bin dome tops to make it easy and hygienic for rubbish to be placed in the bins.

In addition to the standard wheelie bin, Area Safe also offers heavy duty plastic wall mounted 50L rubbish bins with a litter hole and key opening covered top. These are known to be used in school areas because they are brightly colored and have clearly marked diagrams for ‘rubbish disposal’ on the front, however they would be suitable for use in so many other facilities.

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