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Premium Drinking Fountains and Water Bubblers for Public Spaces

Elevate Your Urban Development Projects with High-Quality Street Furniture

Drinking fountains and water bubblers in public spaces ensure everyone has access to clean, refreshing water, promoting hydration and overall health. By reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles, they also support a greener environment. Providing such amenities in public areas is a practical step towards a healthier and more eco-friendly community.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the installation, you'll need a hammer drill, masonry bits, a short flat-head screwdriver, a spanner set, and ground anchors. Ideally, use M10x75mm Button Head Security Sleeve Anchors made of stainless steel. Always ensure you have personal protective safety equipment on hand.
The fountain requires a flat, level, and solid slab for fixing. If you're creating a new slab specifically for the fountain, a size of 450x450x400mm with reinforcing mesh is recommended as well as making sure the slab is completely dry before installation. It's also crucial to ensure that the slab is level and completely dry for the fountain to function properly.
A water pressure regulator is installed and preset to 350Kpa. Maximum water inlet pressure is 2000Kpa. The optional Bottle Filler & Dog Bowl attachment pressures are factory-set. (These can also be adjusted using a flathead screwdriver)
The baseplate of the Venice Drinking Fountain has a 50mm diameter drainage grate. You can fit a 50mm PVC drainage pipe to the underside of this grate. If you choose not to connect a drain, some water pooling at the base of the unit might occur, which typically isn't a problem in outdoor spaces. Alternatively, you can slope the slab away from the unit to aid in drainage.
Absolutely! If you have specific queries or face unique site conditions, please contact our support team at 1300 889 821 for detailed recommendations.
For optimal performance and hygiene, we recommend a weekly cleaning of the external surfaces and monthly checks of the internal components. Depending on the location and usage, you might need to adjust the frequency.
Given that the fountain is made from 316 stainless steel, it's best to use mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents. Always avoid bleach or harsh chemicals which can damage the stainless steel surface.
The standard Venice Drinking Fountain comes in a 316 stainless steel finish. However, with our in-house powder coating plant we have the ability to provide custom designs and colours. Please contact our sales team for more details.
Yes, we can accommodate requests for branding or logos on the fountain. It's crucial to provide us with high-resolution designs, and there might be additional costs involved, depending on the complexity.
We're always open to new ideas and designs. If you have a unique request or idea, please call our support team at 1300 889 821 or email us with your specifications, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Why Choose Our Drinking Fountains?

Our Venice Drinking Water Fountains, meticulously crafted in Australia, exemplify the union of quality, durability, and aesthetic brilliance. Made from rust-resistant 316 Grade Stainless Steel, they promise lasting durability. The designs, both Premium and DDA-compliant, showcase not only functional excellence but also a sleek aesthetic that elevates public spaces. The Galvin clear lead safe range bubbler further underscores our commitment to quality, delivering pure water consistently. 

Types of Drinking Fountains

Traditional Drinking Water Fountains

Rooted in simplicity and functionality, traditional drinking water fountains are the classic pedestals or wall-mounted units often found in schools, parks, and other public areas. Typically constructed from materials like stainless steel, they provide easy access to water with a simple push-button or lever mechanism. Their design is timeless, prioritising usability and durability.

Modern Water Fountains

Modern water fountains are not just about hydration but also about design and adaptability. Often sleeker, these units may incorporate touchless sensors for enhanced hygiene or even LED indicators to signify water temperature. Their designs are varied, ranging from minimalist to avant-garde, often blending seamlessly with contemporary architecture and landscapes.

Bubblers for Quick Refreshment

Bubblers are a more compact version of drinking fountains, providing a swift drink of water through an upward spout. Perfect for quick sips, they are common in schoolyards, parks, and sports facilities. Their primary focus is quick and easy access, with a design that minimises spillage and encourages efficient drinking.

Water Bubblers with Advanced Filtration

Prioritising health and cleanliness, these bubblers come equipped with advanced filtration systems. They efficiently remove impurities, contaminants, and even improve the taste of the water. Especially beneficial in areas with questionable water quality, these units ensure that users get clean, safe drinking water. Some advanced units even incorporate UV purification or mineral addition systems, offering water that's not just clean, but also enriched.

Features and Benefits

Easy Installation

This installation process for Area Safe’s drinking fountains is both user-friendly and adaptable. With step-by-step instructions included with all products, our fountains can be installed using basic tools including hammers, drills and spanners. Our detailed installation guide also includes guidance on water supply and pressure to ensure optimal function of your fountain. 

Eco-Friendly Options

Our drinking fountains are not only eco-friendly but also built to last, boasting a life expectancy of over 25 years, ensuring long-term sustainability and reliability.

ADA-Compliant Models

Our DDA compliant water fountains are thoughtfully designed to ensure accessibility for all. With its 825mm height and 700mm long neck, our DDA compliant fountain ensures wheelchair accessibility.

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